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A Man Won Jackpot $245 Million

A man won a jackpot about $245 Million. Wow Amazing!!! Well, Here is the full information about that. Three Connecticut wealth managers who won a $254 million jackpot followed through on their promise to put the money toward philanthropy, today announcing donations to five charities that assist veterans.

 The Bob Woodruff Foundation helps injured veterans reintegrate into everyday life following deployment. Building Homes for Heroes constructs from the ground up and also modifies homes for wounded and disable veterans. Services for the Under Served supports "individuals and families facing challenging life situations such as mental illness, developmental disability, physical disability, AIDS, homelessness, unemployment and poverty," according to its website, and has a veteran's support group. Operation First Response helps the families of wounded soldiers deal with the domino of costs that can come from injury. Peggy Baker, president of the charity, called the gift a "Christmas miracle." 
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